Frequently Asked Questions

How do I care for my wooden jewelry? 

The jewelry naturally patinas over time making the wood and bamboo richer and deeper. There is no need to treat or provide any particular care for them.  

Can my bracelets get wet? 

Bracelets are finished with a polyurethane to protect the wood. They can be splashed, but don’t jump off the boat wearing them.  

What if I break my wooden jewelry? 

If you jewelry breaks please reach out to us, it may be a simple repair.  We stand behind all of our work and are happy to take a look and resolve any issue.

Do the bracelets bend?

They have a small amount of flex, but if you bend them too far you run the risk of breaking the wood…so be very gentle.  

What if it doesn’t fit? 

If you purchase a gift (and it is not custom-etched), we will happily exchange for the proper size.  

If you have any other questions, please let us know.