Our Story


Rich and Michelle Drake’s partnership is not new...They have been together for 40 years and have created some pretty cool stuff together over the years, including a beautiful family and a home filled with Rich’s woodworking and Michelle’s paintings. Rich, the craftsman, has always been creative, working in both wood and metals to produce furniture, cars, as well as renovations for the family and customers. Michelle, the artist, has been her own creative force, an artist at the core of her being. Her paintings hang in prominent homes and churches and public spaces throughout the east coast. 


Over the years the couple had saved end cuts of exotic woods from projects. They committed to using every piece of the lovely wood; they just didn’t know what they would create. In November of 2022, Michelle took a basket weaving class and came home knowing what she wanted to do with the end cuts: she wanted to make jewelry. Working with local weavers, the couple perfected all of the componentry and launched their jewelry line in January 2023 using the basket weaving techniques combined with the beautiful wood components. 



Rich’s background as a craftsman and process engineer positioned the couple to manufacture the bulk of the jewelry componentry in the Stonington Designs woodshop in Connecticut. As Michelle’s creative handwoven jewelry designs became popular, the distribution for the jewelry shifted to online retail and wholesale. As the business grew, it became clear to Michelle she would need help with weaving. 



The weaving program began with a lively dinner table discussion with the extended Drake Family. Their daughter-in-law, Donna, is married to their son, Michael, an Air Force pilot. It was Donna’s experience at a far away base that sparked the idea for the now robust Military Spouse Weaving Program at Stonington Designs. 

The program offers military spouses free training, earning potential, and the opportunity for a flexible at-home work schedule. These families are often far from home and family support and are single handedly managing all of the household responsibilities while their spouse is deployed and serves our country. It offers an opportunity to learn a new skill while contributing to their family’s bottom line.



Stonington Designs is committed to creating and supporting product lines that are made in the USA and are aligned with supporting military families.