What began in our New England workshop as crafting wooden hitch-covers for cars, jeeps, trucks or SUVs has evolved to include wood, woven Nantucket Basket inspired jewelry collections.

Any of our unique, hand-crafted hardwood and mahogany items, many incorporating techniques in 3D carving, inlay, etching and weaving, would make unique gifts for a loved one or yourself.  

You can shop here with us or at the shops who carry our lines. We are currently carried in high-end shops from Maine to Florida.

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  • It All Starts with A Beautiful Piece of Wood

    Combining our talents allows us to bring our designs to life, from idea and design to selecting and working the materials. We transform the beautiful remnant wood into unique jewelry for you.

  • Quality Construction

    We craft each of our products by hand in our shop in Connecticut, making sure the cuts and connections are perfect. Then we finish them by hand so you get the best quality we can offer.

  • Made in the USA

    We pride ourselves on having products made from US hardwoods and locally-sourced materials. We love to support other USA-based businesses and having customers who support us too!

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