About Us

The story starts 4 years ago on Block Island, a favorite spot for Rich & Michelle's youngest son to spend time.  Kevin decided he wanted a hitch cover of BI for his truck. He searched but couldn’t find anything.  He told his dad about this search. Rich, a craftsman in woodworking made his first hitch cover and gave it to Kevin for Christmas. 

The following August Kevin's girlfriend said she would love a mermaid for her Jeep for her birthday.  Rich knew this needed an artist's touch for this design. He turned to his wife (Michelle) who is a painter. They teamed up to design and create a mermaid for Lauren's birthday.

Over the years the kids were asked how to buy the unique hitch covers and the Drake's wheels started turning. So in the middle of a pandemic Rich and Michelle Drake decided to start a business and Hitch-Crafter was born.

The response to the hitch covers was immediate and people started asking what else could they build.  So they expanded the products to include hand-crafted gifts for the home, signs and promotional items for businesses and even have begun a spiritual line.  This expansion has led to the rebranding of Hitch-Crafter as Stonington Designs in February of 2022!  


 Michelle and Rich Drake